Paldenling is a retrit center belonging to International Dzogchen Community, beautifully located in Beskid Niski mountains near Dukla. The area of the center covers 9 hectares of woodland and meadows.

The center serves primarily as a place for individual and group retreats. There are also archive and Dzogchen Community Library located there. It is possible to hire the whole center as well as Longde cabin and Dark retreat cabin separately.

Geko of Paldenling is responsible for center management. One can contact him to make a reservation for individual and group retreats.

Paldenling center consists of:

  • Main building, serving for group practics, accomodation and kitchen,
  • Longde cabin, standing on the top of the hill, perfect not only for practices connected to open space but other practices too,
  • down the path from main house, in the forest, there is Dark cabin* serving for dark retreats.

Near the main building Vajra Dance platform is located.

Pricing of staying in Paldenling:

Prices for members of IDC / non members / children* respectively:

Staying in Main House: 5/15/5 Euro per day.

* for the children above the age of 10 years the prices are the same as for adults

Staying in Longde Retreat Cabin : 10/20 Euro per day.

Staying in Dark Retreat Cabin*: 10/20 Euro per day.

On site there is possibility of karmayoga (volunteering) for the Ling, organised by Geko: 4 hours of work = 1 day of stay for free

* Dark Retreat Cabin is dedicated ONLY for people who have received meditation practices in the dark from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu or another Dzogchen Master (also from the Bon lineage).

Every visit should be notified to Geko minimum 2 days in advance.

The cancellation of the reservation should be notified to the geko minimum 7 days before the planned date of stay, otherwise a fee will be charged as per the stay used.

Łysa Góra 168, 38-230 Nowy Żmigród,
tel.: +48 724 472 849

Bank Account

Paldenling: PL85 2130 0004 2001 0486 9475 0002

VW Bank

How to get to Paldenling:

By car:

Driving from Nowy Zmigrod in Lysa Gora vilage turn left on 35.5 km marked by road poles, voivodeship road 993. Center is located around 2 km from the main pass way, all way up, asphalt then ground road, the last ”rainbow” building on the right side.

Going from Dukla you have to turn right after 35.6 km pole.

Public transport:

The best way is to get to Jaslo, from there buses go to Lysa Gora. Buses schedule you can find here: Timetable.

One should step out in Lysa Gora next to the Public House (good to tell the driver in advance).

When being there you can use the map how to walk on foot directly to the Center: Link.

Alternatively, you may get to Krosno or Dukla and then by bus: Timetable.
But those buses are not going directly to Lysa Gora village, you have to walk from main road following the path on link: Link.

You can also be picked up by Geko at a surcharge of 5 Euro from Jasło and 10 Euro from Krosno (one way trip rate).